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Monday, January 28, 2013

Free $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

To any Atlanta area second-grade teacher who hosts a Georgia Kids Then and Now In-Class Field Trip before the end of the 2012-13 school year.*

*Plan 1 or 2 with a minimum of 20 students per session.  Coupon delivered via email after school has submitted payment.

Tired of the hot bus and trying to keep up with second graders in a strange place?
Let us bring your Georgia History Field Trip to You!
Georgia Kids Then and Now
In-Class Field Trips
Contact information:
Or 678-628-4193

What? A one-hour interactive session that meets second-grade Georgia History standards in your own classroom. Students will be actively involved in comparing and contrasting their lives with the lives of Georgia kids throughout the last 250 years.  They will “meet” a native kid from 1762, a colonist kid from 1812, a slave kid from 1862, a worker kid from 1912, and an Civil Rights kid from 1962, and will then learn how these kids were different from us and how they were the same.

Who? The session will be led by Marcia Mayo, retired second-grade teacher and author of Secret Stories from Peachtree Creek, a “history mystery” about Georgia’s children throughout time. You, the teacher, will not be needed to carry out the lesson. Your role will simply to be present in case questions or concerns arise.

When and Where? During the regular school day and, yes, in your own classroom.

How much? There are 2 plans:

Plan 1: $4.00 per student for the 1 hour session and all materials. The teacher receives a free copy of Secret Stories from Peachtree Creek and a graphic organizer and materials for review.   Secret Stories from Peachtree Creek could be a great addition to your Language Arts/Social Studies instruction and this workshop offers front-loading information, which will help your students get the most out of the book.

Plan 2: $7.00 per student, with each student also receiving a copy of Secret Stories from Peachtree Creek.  This website offers free support materials for using the book in your classroom.

Note:  If your school can't afford the prices above, contact me and I'll see if we can work something out.

Contact information:

Dr. Marcia Mayo
1 S. Prado
Atlanta, GA

PS.  If you would like to speak with teachers who have taken part in these sessions, I will be happy to provide contact information.  Just send me an email.

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