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Marcia Mayo

History Just for Kids is a place to share ideas for helping children understand that history is about real people in real places and it not only happened in the past, it's also happening right now. If you have a site you love or an idea you'd like to share, let me know and I'll include it.

You can contact me at marciamayo@yahoo.com or at 678-628-4193.

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Welcome! My name is Marcia Mayo. I'm a teacher and a writer and a mother and a grandmother. I live most of the year in Atlanta, while also sharing time with my grandkids in Warner Robins, Georgia and Portland, Oregon.

My mission is to help children understand that history happened to real people and it occurred right where they live now.

My book, Secret Stories from Peachtree Creek, came about from my frustration with trying to help the second graders I taught understand that history didn't just have to do with kings and presidents and it wasn't always from long ago and far away.

The book is a fictional account of the lives of six children, all living at the exact same place. I like to say that "the story isn't real, but the history is." And I made it a mystery to keep them reading.

That then led to the idea of workshops I could offer to help kids compare and contrast their own lives to the lives of everyday children in the past.

My Georgia Kids Then and Now in-class "field trips" for second graders are going well. I've offered them to several schools in the Atlanta area and beyond, and look forward to doing more in the future.  See the link above for info and then scroll down.

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